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Kura Rēhia

Replacement Cards (For your Dec 2022-Jan 2023 Kaupapa purchase)

Replacement Cards (For your Dec 2022-Jan 2023 Kaupapa purchase)

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Auē! During the reprint sent out in December 2022 - January 2023, we made a small adjustment to the word cards - we removed the white border. In the process of updating the file, there were 6 cards that formatted incorrectly, causing some of the Māori words and English words not to match up.

It’s so important that your kēmu Kaupapa is accurate, so we are asking your help in making it right. Please accept these replacement cards and swap them into your game and please pop the old cards in the recycling. We will cover the costs of printing and shipping the cards to you, and if you gave the game as a gift, just enter the recipient's address and we will send the replacement cards directly to the person who received the game.

We are so sorry (not to mention, embarrassed!) about the misprint, and we hope that this small gesture goes a long way in making things right.

Tēnā, do let us know if there’s anything else we can do.

Kia whai rēhia tātou, ahakoa ngā piki me ngā heke!

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