Kapa Tākaro - Gathering to play & Playtest Kēmu Reo Māori

He manahau, he mīharo!
Beautiful to gather and play kēmu reo Māori.
This week's hui was a little experimental, to see if pō kēmu are something people are keen for and the answer is āe rawa atu ❤
We played a big kēmu Kaupapa, testing out some new kāri Māui (including Atamira - appoint someone to act things out while you do clues, and Tuitui Kōrero - weave together all the words in your turn into a story) and wrote up new cards to test out next time.
We also took an experimental game (working title: Hariru) for a spin. It involves everyone having a stack of kāri tohutohu, and calling out the action until you find a matching friend do that action with... repeating that until you get rid of all your cards as fast as poss! Okay maybe you had to be there.... it was fun!
All in all, a beautiful time of whakawhanaungatanga and finding kindred sprits who love to play, all on the beautiful rooftop of MoveSpace! We'll have another in about a month, so stay tuned e kare mā!
If you're keen to come next time, make sure you join the FB group to stay in the loop: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kapataakaro
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