The Guardian: ‘They help us stay connected’: how Māori games enthusiasts are reviving tradition

Guardian Article Philip McKibbin revival of traditional Māori games Kaupapa Kura Rēhia Kuruho Wereta Rosie Remmerswaal Wiremu Sarich Charles Royal Te Ahukaramū

Māori games were often designed to teach new skills and advocates say they also offer a haven from more serious concerns

Hundreds of people gathered recently at Umupuia Marae in the New Zealand town of Maraetai to celebrate the launch of Kaupapa – a word-description board game for learners and speakers of te reo Māori.

It is the latest addition to an ever-increasing range of taonga tākaro, or Māori games. Whether you play in Māori or English, it involves each player taking turns to describe actions, objects, places, natural phenomena, or names, while their teammates try to correctly guess the words.

 Kuruho Wereta created the game with his friend Rosie Remmerswaal. The pair are drawing on a long tradition of using play to help revitalise te reo Māori.


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