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Free Pamphlet Download - KAUPAPA

Free Pamphlet Download - KAUPAPA

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Nāwai i kore kupu, ka matomato te tupu! 
From reo zero to kōrero hero!

Ko KAUPAPA te papa kēmu mā Aotearoa e reorua ana. KAUPAPA is the board game for a bilingual Aotearoa.

E 900 ōna kupu, mai i te rākau ki te rangatira, ā, mā KAUPAPA e tino ngahau ai te noho, e whakawhānui ai hoki tō punakupu Māori i te wā kotahi!

With 900 words spanning rākau to rangatira, KAUPAPA is your chance to have hysterical fun, use your reo and expand your Māori vocabulary at once! It is a word description game that can be played at any level - beginners can use it to learn new words, and fluent speakers can create a fast-paced, playful Māori language immersion environment. 

Me pēhea te tākaro? I tētahi meneti kotahi, whakamāramahia ngā kupu katoa ka taea ki ō hoamahi. Ka tere ake te koke a tō rōpū i te papa kia nui ake ngā kupu e whakamāramahia ana. Kawea ake ngā mānuka a Māui i a koe e haere ana! Ko te rōpū ka tae tuatahi ki te papariki o TOA te toa o te kēmu.

How to play? In one minute, describe as many words as possible to your teammates. The more words you describe, the faster your team advances across the board. Rise to Māui’s challenges along the way! The first team to reach the TOA (champion) tile wins the game.

KAUPAPA for beginners: KAUPAPA can be played by anyone starting to learn te reo. If you are at the kākano (beginners) stage of learning, you can use actions, sound effects and English words to describe the word on the card. English definitions are provided on Kupu (word) cards.


Kei roto: | Includes:
1 te Papa Kēmu | 1 Game board
150 ngā kāri Kupu | 150 Word cards
12 ngā kāri Māui | 12 Māui cards
3 ngā kāri Tūtohu | 3 Reference cards
3 ngā waka Rōpū | 3 Team tokens
1 te Tohuwā | 1 Timer
1 te pukatohu Kēmu | 1 Game guide
1 te Kapa | 1 coin
He mea hanga i Aotearoa | Made in Aotearoa

  • 20 - 45 MENETI
  • 8+ NGĀ TAU
  • 20 - 45 MINUTES
  • 8+ YEARS
  • 2-12+ PLAYERS


Who can play Kaupapa? Kaupapa can be played by everyone interested in increasing their te reo  - from absolute beginners to fluent speakers. Kaupapa is essential for any classroom, office, hui or any other gathering of whānau and friends.

I don’t speak Māori fluently, can I play Kaupapa? Kaupapa’s instructions and cards are written in both te reo Māori and English, and the game can be played either completely in te reo Māori or bilingually to suit the fluency level of the players. 

How many people can play Kaupapa? There is no limit to the number of players that can play Kaupapa. We recommend 6-12 players per game for the most beneficial and fun experience. In a classroom setting with 25-30 students we recommend playing 3 games with 2 teams per game.

Where is Kaupapa made? 
Kaupapa has been designed by Kura Rēhia and made by Soar in Aotearoa New Zealand. Kaupapa are proud to support our local economy and make sustainable manufacturing choices with Papatūānuku in mind. Kura Rēhia chose to work with Soar because they are New Zealand’s most environmentally-responsible independent print company and hold carboNZero (CertTM) certification.

Developing KAUPAPA 

We mihi to the many communities who have playtested and contributed to the game. These communities include Kura Reo, Māori Tertiary Institutions, language learning classes, Kura Kaupapa Māori, Wharekura, marae, Kura Auraki (mainstream schools), the Māoriland Hub, Youth Camps, whānau hui and our game symposium ‘Te Reo o Te Rēhia’. These communities have been paramount in evolving the game to be relevant, user friendly and accessible.

In the curation of the words and names included in the game, we have had generous contributions from kaumātua, educationalists, historians and whānau who have been consulted along the way.

Quality assurance and translation services have been completed by the reputable licenced translator Hēmi Kelly. 

KAUPAPA in the classroom

KAUPAPA is a fun way to facilitate learning in the classroom, suitable for absolute beginners right through to fluent speakers of te reo Māori. The game does not require the teacher to be proficient in te reo Māori, however we encourage teachers to model accurate pronunciation of Māori words. 

Kāri kupu (word cards) invite players to learn 900 words from the categories Mahi (actions), Taputapu (objects), Taiao (nature), Ingoa (names) and Tupurangi (random). Māui cards incorporate whakataukī (proverbs), kupu whakarite (metaphors) and kōrero tuku iho (narratives) which are a great departure point for research projects and discussion. KAUPAPA can be played cooperatively or competitively to suit your teaching style and students.

KAUPAPA’s instructions and cards are written in both te reo Maori and English, and the game can be played either completely in te reo Māori or bilingually to suit the fluency level of the players. It is a companion to a reo learning journey from the kākano stage right through to providing total immersion domains.

Players also learn facts, stories and wisdom from how other players describe words, and players with different skills (explanation, comprehension, vocabulary) all have a chance to shine as speakers and as guessers.

While there is technically no limit to the number of players, it is the most fun and beneficial to learning to play with 6-12 players per game. For classes with 25-30 students we recommend playing 3 games with 2 teams per game.

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